Hamper 1


Contains 19 Items


1x Maize Meal 1kg
1x First Value Baked Beans and Tomato Sauce 410g
1x First Value Processed Peas 410g
1x Tea Time 10’s
1x Imana Soup 60g
1x Imana Soya Mince 100g
1x Imana Spice Mix 20g
1x Salt 500g
1x Spekko Rice 500g
1x Brown Sugar 250g
1x Trotter Jelly 40g
1x Jaba Curry Stock Powder 15g
1x Jaba Beef Stock Powder 15g
1x Jaba Chicken Stock Powder 15g
1x Bisto Gravy Powder 125g
4 x Drink-O-Pop Sachet 5g


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